Tuesday, 26 May 2015

ITALIAN FOOD #Bellagio #Italianfood

Italian food! 
Would you like to learn the art of cooking the best cuisine in the world in one of the must suggestive place in the Lake of Como? 
I suggest the link below to all the people that love good food and love cooking.
For the day that you organize for the future groom or bride and for your friends and for the hen party, you can have the opportunity to experience Bellagio and, assisted by the staff, shop Italian genuine food products that you will learn to cook after.
It seems to us a different way to spend half a day while visiting also Bellagio!
Tell me what you think…


Wednesday, 20 May 2015


How would it be great to organize a different day out for the stag party or hen party?
Today I would like to speak you about a guide that I met by chance in a restaurant some time ago.
For those of You that come to visit  our beautiful lake to get married or just come on vacation wouldn't you like  to see also what there is around the lake?
Visiting his website you will find lot of activities very funny and exciting for your day out. For example I booked a fantastic canyoning experience.
Here attached the link and a picture of my next adventure.


Wednesday, 13 May 2015

CONTESSA ROSAFOSCA #jewelrylinemadeMurano

Dear friends, 

do you know the brand Contessa Rosafosca and their jewelry line made in Murano glassware? Here at lakeinloveweddingcomo.com we think that this brand collection is really fantastic. Silvia Cesaretto, the creator and designer of the brand, with her talent has been able to create unique design products handmade by the famous glassworkers of Murano, with warranty card provided. Another example of Italian top design and quality.
I have one of her necklaces and everytime I wear it people ask me where I got it. It is stylish, contemporary, with character and you cannot notice it. At Macef lot of visitors appreciated her creations and also many magazines like Vogue China, Vanity Fair, Up! Style Magazine, wrote about her.      
We think it can be a great idea for the maid of honor gift. Unique jewels that will remind them the celebration forever, what do you think?
Here below the link to the website, I am curious to have your comments. 

Sunday, 10 May 2015

STREET FOOD #streetfood #streetfoodsicilia


today lakeinloveweddingcomo.com would like to talk to you about street food.
Last week I was at a fair and walking around an apecar named "ape vintage" took my attention. The flavor was so amazing to drive me there like in a cartoon. What a beautiful finding! I have been delighted with fantastic handmade "arancini" and "cannoli di ricotta" coming directly from Sicily. I do not remember to have eaten so good before. I don't know how to explain better, but the mix between the ape that reminds me the holidays, the beach, the sea and this amazing food made that simple situation a perfect moment. 
I proposed to one of my brides to add it to the buffet and she was really enthusiastic.
Here you can find the website and some pictures. They represent also a beautiful picture of Italy, country of entrepreneurship, tradition and great food. Have a look and let me know what do you think.


Sunday, 3 May 2015

WEDDING RINGS #wedding #weddingrings

Hi! Today Lakeinloveweddingcomo.com would like to talk you about the wedding rings, the jewel that represents the symbol of our union and accompanies us during our married life. The choice of the wedding rings is very exciting but also challenging and we are always in trouble when we try to find something different and special. Some years ago I met a guy that is very good in making jewels, a real artist! Every time I stop by his store I remain fascinated by the beauty of his creations. His wedding rings are unique pieces handmade with sophisticated materials and personalized with the fingerprints of the bride and groom. For sure nobody will have wedding rings like yours! And what is more unique of your fingerprint? Please have a look at some pictures from this link taken from his website and let me know what do you think!